The short version:

I write epic fantasy and speculative fiction (and some other stuff). I’m striving to create those miss-your-train-stop stories, the kind that absorb you in the happy concentration enjoyed by children at play, mystics in prayer, and artists at work, who forget to eat. I think when you get in that flow, where time doesn’t matter and you forget about yourself, it’s very close to the meaning and purpose of life.

My debut novel, Stonefoot, is a harrowing adventure through a frontier wilderness full of gun smoke, blood magic, and betrayal— a work of epic, flintlock fantasy. When I’m not trying to figure out how my protagonists can possibly survive, you can find me playing with my kids, practicing Shaolin Kung fu, hiking in the woods, serving people through church, or sipping whisky. I live in New York City with my wife and three little boys.

If you’d like to learn more about how I became an author, I’ve written some here: Origin Story.


Lindsay and I married 15 years ago. We’ve been through some exhilarating ups and brutal downs, but at some point early in our marriage we made a decision to always attempt to face life’s hardships together. We were going through some rough stuff, arguing a lot and nipping at one another. We noticed how the challenges were turning us against one another, and decided instead to face them as a team– “Team Travis.” As corny as that is, it’s become a kind of mantra or magic spell in our home. When someone says “Team Travis,” it’s a call to reorient our perspective towards togetherness.

There’s a whole lot more to marriage than that, and I don’t know half of it. But it’s going well. Each year is better than the previous, and they’ve all been good.


I’ve got three little boys: Rowan, Galileo (I know, badass name… we call him Leo), and Beau. They are wild and sweet and strong and silly, each a complete individual. We like to read, wrestle, hike, snuggle, have dance parties, and get on each others’ nerves. I’ve been reading them the Dragon Masters series by Tracy West. I’ve got some pretty dope voices for the different characters, especially the wizard, Griffith. 


I teach math to a bunch of clever middle schoolers in a gritty inner city school. I like to confiscate the comics and graphic novels they’re working on so that I can read them.


I’ve always been drawn to the “helping” professions. I’ve worked for a couple of different churches, including an upstart in Manhattan that brought together an incredibly diverse group of people. I do some teaching at churches and conferences about Jesus, faith, and the Bible– the “deep magic,” as Aslan describes it. I don’t write “Christian” fiction (in quotes because I think “Christian” makes a terrible adjective), but my stories are influenced by the notion that there’s a helluva lot more to life than meets the eye.

If you’d like to read more about how spirituality has shaped me, check out: Deep Magic.

I have written some faith-oriented nonfiction in the past, including a semi-autobiographical book about my time teaching in a dangerous school in Harlem. If that sort of thing interests you, there’s more info on my Amazon Author Page.

Dungeon Master, Kung fu Student, (former) Trombone Player (it’s collecting dust now).

In other words, a bit of a dork.

I’d love to get to know you better. Maybe we can meet at a conference or a signing or something. Please stay in touch. Contact me or sign up below to stay informed.

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