Chris Travis is the author of PENNY TOOTH, a spooky YA mystery that was inspired by an unsettling question from one of his sons: “But why does the Tooth Fairy want my teeth?”

Chris has spent years in the classroom, teaching for New York City public and in the Midwest, and also speaks regularly at conferences for highschoolers across the United States, from Baltimore to Los Angeles and many cities in between.

Like the protagonist of PENNY TOOTH, Chris played trombone in highschool and swam competitively. But he’d never dare to swim in the ocean at night like she does. Too scared of sharks. He currently lives in a 120-year-old house in Kentucky, where he writes, frowns at his garden, and occasionally sneaks into his kids’ room to get a lost tooth from under a pillow. His old trombone is in the basement. It only comes out when he wants to make someone laugh.

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