I want to create those miss-your-train-stop stories, the kind that absorb you in the happy concentration enjoyed by kids at play, mystics in prayer, and artists at work, who forget to eat. I think when you get in that flow, where time doesn’t matter and you forget about yourself, it’s very close to the meaning and purpose of life.

I’ve got a few things in the works.

For Middle Grade readers: JOSHUA, MONSTER HUNTER, is a contemporary, spooky adventure that follows Joshua, foster kid and trouble maker, into the terrifying world of monsters.

For Young Adult (and “old” too!): PENNY TOOTH is a mystery/horror story about an evil tooth fairy, a secret grave, and girl who’s brave enough to bite back, loaded with eerie atmosphere and heart. 

For adults: STONEFOOT is epic, flintlock fantasy full of gun smoke and blood magic, thrown-from-the-saddle chases, young love and old feuds.

I’ve recently relocated from New York City to the “hills and hollers” of Kentucky, along with my wife and three little boys. When I’m not staring in the middle distance, trying to come up with any way my characters could possibly survive, you’ll find me hanging out with my family.

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