an evil tooth fairy, a secret grave, and a girl who’s brave enough to bite back

Genevieve Cambell wants to win the Haasenberg Voice for Tomorrow award more than she wants friends or free time. As an incoming highschool trombonist to an elite academy for music, Genny works harder than anyone else to prove she’s better than everyone else, and to finally earn her father’s attention, an aloof, genius composer.

On the night before the most important audition of her life, Genny discovers an unusual object in her bedroom. Threatening notes appear in her home, in her trombone case. Tormented and sleep-deprived, Genny investigates her new eerie coastal town. Disturbing clues point to Penny Tooth, the bogeyman of local lore. 

Or is it a competitor trying to scare her away?

To outwit whoever is harassing the academy’s highest performers, Genny must enlist the help of her greatest rivals: Nico, first chair trombone, a focused and handsome sophomore, and Piper, a fun-loving freshman. To defeat the true menace behind Penny Tooth’s attacks, Genny will have to bite back.

PENNY TOOTH is a young adult mystery/horror story– one that “old” adults will will like too!– loaded with atmosphere, dark secrets, and heart.

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